Mammamia Italian Gelato Necklace

Mammamia Italian Gelato Necklace


Italian gelato is different from ice cream. Made with whole milk, fresh fruit and containing less air than an ice cream, gelato is much more intense in flavour.
The shape is also a bit different, which is why we created our own version of Italian gelato charm.


You can choose between 2 different flavours combinations!!


  1. 4 flavors : Raspberry, Pistacho, Choc Mint, Lemon.
  2. 5 flavors : Chocolate, Choc Mint, Strawberry,Vanilla, Pistacho


Try on an explosion of vitality in a unique kind of necklace.

Each gelato has been carefully hand sculpted with lots of details in our atelier in Melbourne.

Pattern or size may vary slightly. This is what makes each pendant so unique.


We use exclusively Sterling Silver necklaces and the highest quality materials.


Perfect for everyday outfits



  • Why choose Fab and Fab?


    Every Fab and Fab necklace is enriched with a genuine Swarovski® Crystal bead and Sterling Silver necklace.

    There is an enormous difference between Silver-plated and Sterling Silver necklaces.

    Silver-plating is the process of bonding an extremely thin layer of silver to a base metal; Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver, which is why it is more expensive and precious than Silver-plated metal.


    Each of the clay pendants in our shop are individually and carefully hand sculpted, without using any moulds.

    Every pendant is designed, sculpted, painted, carved sanded and polished by hand in our atelier; It's a laborious and time consuming process, but the results are definitely worth it.

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